Monday, June 10, 2013

The last six months has brought several surprises.  Last summer I submitted five of my jewelry designs to Jewelry Affaire Magazine.  Submission guideline instructions warn us to not be concerned if we don't hear from them for up to a year.  So, I sent the designs and decided not to fret about it.  Imagine my surprise when I received an email informing me that one of the items I submitted would be the fall addition of the magazine (it ended up being in the spring addition) I just about fell over. There was a bigger shock, I was paid for the submission. I thought the submission guidelines said payment was a free copy of the magazine I would appear in, I received both.

If you have ever submitted anything to a magazine you are aware that the submission guidelines are often lengthy.  Jewelry Affaire Magazine is one of thirty-six magazines published by Stampington & Company Publications. Stampington covers every genre of the arts and crafts industry. While many magazines are struggling to survive Stampington's publications are strong and they are even adding new magazines. Take a moment and check them out.  

The surprises didn't end with this one acceptance.  I submitted five designs.  In the following months I received notice that three of my other submissions would be in two other Stampington magazines Altered couture and Haute handbags.  Only my fringed jean necklace was returned.  Not bad for my first try at submitting anything.  The lesson re-learned is the answer is always no if you don't take the risk.  Needless to say I have submitted more work to them, with one design scheduled for the fall addition of Jewelry Affaire Magazine. 

There's a comment I must make to any writing student reading this:  I enrolled in classes at Columbia College Chicago six years ago.  At 54  I was the oldest student in all my classes.  it was very intimidating since I had quite school when I was 16.  School never was a great experience for me, however; enrolling in an arts college made all the difference.  I enrolled in the writing program and graduated two years ago.  the one thing that all my writing classes stressed is to get used to rejection.  They said it was very unusual for a new writer to get published on the first try, so don't take rejection to heart.  I understand it was their way to try to get us to understand the process and how cut throat writing can be.  What they didn't think to tell us is to try and get published in another genre.  Most creative people create in other ways.  They paint, sew, build thing etc. I design jewelry.  For the designs that were accepted for publication I had to write an article to go with each of the designs.  Granted they were articles 700 words or less, but it is still writing.  What I am trying to say is, while you are submitting your writing to various publication in your genre don't be afraid to step outside that genre and look at your other talents and places they may get you published. 

In my first post I promised that I would publish pictures of a project I was working on....I need to go talk to my computer wizard Mike and find out how to do that...I promise to have it posted this week...

Have a fun day everyone....